Doors for cats

Cats love to walk "on their own" and the owners have to open and close the door all the time. For others, the tray is in the toilet or bathroom, so the door to these rooms should always be open. Doors in cats help out in all these situations, which cut into the interior or entrance doors. We are sure that each feline owner will benefit from this device.

Door for a cat - classification and types

Mortise doors for cats are classified according to the following criteria:

  • By type of material. Doors come in wood, aluminum and plastic.
  • To size. The dimensions of the door depend on the size of the pets.
  • By design. Basic types: manhole, window and door.
  1. Laz (tunnel). The simplest design. This is a kind of hatch in the door for the cat, which give an interesting shape, so as not to spoil the appearance of the door and the room. It does not have a door, so it is not suitable for entrance doors. Laz is an interior solution. In order to increase functionality, special brushes are installed around the perimeter of the hatch to comb out the falling out wool.
  2. Window with a movable door. It differs from a manhole by the presence of a door that opens on both sides. As the hatch is not suitable for entrance doors, as it can be used not only by pets, but also by neighboring cats and stray animals. In addition, the window does not provide reliable heat and noise insulation.
  3. Door. The door for the cat at the door is a complicated hermetic design that does not allow cold, smells and foreign animals into the house. Factory versions of such products are often equipped with sophisticated electronics and magnetic locks that respond to the key in the pet’s collar and only open in front of your cat. Magnetic door locks are ideal for entry doors.

How to choose a suitable door for a cat

  1. Build on the size of your pet. If several cats live in the house, focus on the largest animal. Measure the animal in height and width and add 5 centimeters on each side to get the perfect size for the passage.
  2. Consider where you intend to install the door for the cat. If you need a passage in the front door, choose airtight structures equipped with locks. For interior doors, door or window doors are suitable.
  3. If you do not want the sound from the dangling door to interfere with your sleep, do not cut the windows into the door of your bedroom. Leave these lockable designs for the bathroom and toilet doors.

Manufacturers of products for cats present a variety of cat door models in the pet product market. To make it easier for you to make a choice, we have studied popular positions on the websites of online stores. And they compiled their rating of these products, starting from functionality, quality characteristics and cost.

Petsafe Staywell Deluxe - the best door for cats at door

The door for cats is made of high-quality plastic with a wood-like design with 4 positions. Installed in a door, window or wall. Suitable for use in a city apartment and in a private country house. Installation in walls of any thickness is possible. To lengthen the passage, you need to purchase additional nozzles for the tunnel.

4 positions of door lock (closed, entrance, exit, entrance and exit) allow you to control the movement of the cat in the apartment and at home. Suitable for animals weighing up to 7 kg. Window size: 175 × 168 mm.

  • Plus: the ability to adjust the length of the tunnel.
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 2724 rub.

Door rating for cats

  1. Trixie window for cats;
  2. Ferplast Swing Microchip - automatic door with microchip detector;
  3. Flamingo Casement Door;
  4. Enlarged door XL for cats Trixie 3867;
  5. Ferplast Swing 7 set - with a magnet.

Trixie window for a cat - a choice for interior doors

The move for the cat in the door is of the "window" type. The model is made of white plastic. Movable shutter - transparent. Suitable for cats of all ages and small breed dogs. Product dimensions: 17.7 × 18.7 cm. Depth of the hole - 17-34 mm. Depth can be expanded due to additional elements.

  • Plus: silent mechanism.
  • Minus: has no locks.

Price: 1742 rub.

Ferplast Swing Microchip

Automatic cat door with brown plastic microchip detector. The unique system, incorporating a microchip, is patented by Ferplast.

The model is suitable for installation in glass, plastic and wooden doors, as well as in walls. The opening system operates as follows: the antenna reads the microchip that is installed in the cat’s collar as it approaches the door.

The door memory can store 32 ISO chips at the same time. Chips are written to the system memory by pressing the memory button.

The entry and exit indicator tells the owner where the pet is now. It has 4 operating modes: input, output, closed and microchip input. Product dimensions: 22.5 × 25.2 cm.

  • Plus: suitable for installation in front doors.
  • Minus: high cost.

Price: 17998 rub.

Flamingo Casement Door

The plastic sash door (window type) has two working positions: entrance, exit. The model is made of high-quality white plastic.

Suitable for tapping into glass and wooden interior doors. Product dimensions: 19.2 × 20 cm. Depth of passage: 16.5 × 17.4 cm.

The passage opening can be expanded with additional tunnels, which must be purchased separately.

  • Plus: easy to install.
  • Minus: not suitable for entrance doors.

Price: 1068 rub.

Enlarged door XL for cats Trixie 3867

The oversized TX-3867 model can be mounted on doors 17–34 mm thick. With the help of additional tunnel elements, the depth of the passage can be expanded to 45 mm.

The door is fixed in an upright position using a magnetic lock in the bottom of the product immediately after the cat’s passage - this is protection against draft. The presence of a sealing rim allows silent closing of the sash.

  • Plus: closes without cotton.
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 1850 rub.

Ferplast swing 7 set

The automatic folding model for cats and small dogs made of non-toxic plastic is equipped with a draft prevention system. It works in 4 modes, has 4 locking directions.

It is installed in doors made of glass, wood, metal or in walls. The indicator of the last pass helps the owner to find out where the animal is: on the street or in the house.

The door is opened with a magnetic key, which is mounted on the collar of the animal. Product size: 25.2 × 22.5 cm. Depth of passage: 9.6 cm.

  • Plus: automatic opening using a magnetic key.
  • Minus: high cost.

Price: 2999 rub.

DIY do-it-yourself video tutorial

Watch the video: Instruction How To Install Cat Door. (October 2019).